Short Pixie Haircuts for Mature Women

Cute Short Blonde Pixie Cut for Summer

The pixie is an awe-inspiring hairstyle for mature women, especially for those with good bones and delicate facial features. Pixies are perfect for mature women, especially those who have thinning hair. The short haircut tends to hide the fact and the ideal cut for graying hair. Some of the most famous doyens of American movies have sported a pixie with so much grace and aplomb making this very short but very feminine-looking hairstyle one of the best hairstyle for women over 40. Take a look at some of the most remarkable mature women of American cinema:

Sharon Stone – Sharon Stone is one mature woman who can rock a pixie with a lot of pizzazz. Her cute pixie for mature women does not at all give an impression of a mature woman trying hard to look younger. The short choppy pixie with piecey bangs is cute and sexy yet chic and very stylish.

Jamie Lee Curtis – Jamie Lee’s very short gray pixie hairstyle is one of the most awesome pixies for mature women. It’s easy and simple yet very sophisticated and stylish. This style is for super confident women who are not afraid to show every lines and wrinkles and even consider them badges of success and a life well-lived.

Julie Andrews – Another great veteran of American movies, Julie Andrews can really rock a cute yet chic pixie better than everybody else. Her short crop pixie lends her classiness and chic no fussy long hair can ever do.

Viola Davis – If you think pixies for mature women aren’t sexy, think again! Viola Davis’ pixie with long bangs almost covering her eyes will remove any doubt on your mind that pixie is sexy. The long bangs lend an illusion of more length whie the sides and back are cut very short.

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