Choppy Short Hairstyles for Summer

The Elegant Bob Hairstlye for 2013 Season

Choppy short hairstyles are catching–up with their counterparts and are getting to be more popular these days. Choppy short hairstyles are more of a statement haircuts; they are edgier and have a funky vibe to them. When paired with shaved sides and back, choppy short hairstyles acquire a new aura and personality. But these audacious hairstyles can also look s glamorous and elegant s their smoother counterparts.

Choppy pixie hairstyles came to our consciousness because of Halle Berry. This lovely style icon has adopted a choppy pixie as her signature hairstyle. Her naturally curly hair acquired a life of its own with the cut and showed off her lovely face to advantage. The back and sides of this choppy short hairstyle are cut super short with the top and front section left a little longer. The hair is given choppy layers all over and the longer layers on top can be styled spike-y or smooth or given a short wispy fringe or combed back to open the face. This is the best hairstyle for summer since the breeze cools the scalp and neck and a great looking hairstyle to show off a swan-like neck.

Choppy short hairstyles have a modern look to them that suits the modern woman of today especially the choppy messy short shag hairstyle. These choppy shags can be styled messy and wild with layers all throughout to give definition to the cut. But choppy shags can also be styled differently to create looks that are not as wild. Choppy shags can also be paired with choppy bangs to suit any face shape. The perfect examples of this choppy short hairstyle are the iconic shag of Alexa Chung and Meg Ryan, proof that choppy shags are as flattering to young women as well as older women.

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