2012 Short Choppy Hairstyles Ideas

Short choppy hairstyles are very sassy hairstyles that give women so many styling alternatives. They are easy to style if the cut is perfectly done but are a challenge to cut and a test to the creativity of the hair stylist. Meg Ryan, Elisha Cuthbeth and Lauren McKnight are only three of the celebrities that have succumbed to the allure of short choppy hairstyles. A blunt cut, a messy short haircut or a defined short haircut can all benefit from the advantages endowed by a short choppy hairstyle.

Blunt choppy bob
The medium bob of Elisha Cuthbert is a perfect example of a blunt choppy bob. Most women will find this cut very flattering especially with the added touch of softness offered by the bangs. This blunt choppy bob gives life to the traditional bob. Hair is cut in even lengths on the side, front and back with some hair in the front section that constitutes the bangs snipped off to give it a softer look.

Messy choppy bob
Meg Ryan’s messy choppy bob is cut with uneven and choppy layers all around the head that give it a slight volume. The shorter layers in front and on the sides frame the face beautifully. The bangs are swept on both sides of the face with some strands falling down the forehead for a peek-a-boo style that flatters the face. This hairstyle is very flattering to almost all face shapes.

Defined, choppy short hairstyle
A defined cut given some layers that overlap to give the hairstyle volume and movement is a very playful hairstyle. The hair has a very slight flip at the back created by the layers while the front section form thick side swept bangs with uneven length. The other side is cut into piece-y uneven lengths that frame the face and define the jaw line.

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